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We proudly offer s from . All of our s are made of the the best ingredients right here in the U.S.A. To help decide, anyone over the age of 18 may sample any of our flavors at our store.

Gourmet  juices are made right here in Pierce County using the best quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

They are members of American E-Liquid Manufacturers Standards Association (AEMSA)


 Big Mounds

a sweet blend of dark Chocolate and Coconut to make a candied flavor.

 Black Honey Tobacco

a solid Tobacco flavor with a sweet Honey background.

 Blowin’ Raspberries

such a burst of fresh Raspberries you can just about taste.


just like sucking on a pierce of butterscotch candy.

 Caramel AppleSucker

sweet creamy Caramel with a candied Apple.

 Caramel Coffee Bean

a sweet Caramel Cappuccino flavor.

 Chillin’ with Frosty

a cool peppermint.

 Chilly Blueberry

a lightly mentholated fresh Blueberry flavor.

 Chilly Peach

a lightly mentholated fresh Peach flavor.

 Chilly Raspberry

a lightly mentholated fresh Raspberry flavor.

 Chilly Strawberry

a lightly mentholated fresh Strawberry flavor.

 Chilly Watermelon

a lightly mentholated fresh Watermelon flavor.

 Cinnamon Danish

a cinnamon and sugar flavor with a doughy Danish background.

 Coffee High

your favorite coffee with cream and sugar.


a dreamy marriage of cream and orange create this childhood memo

 Eve's Delight

a wonderful combination of Apple,Pear & Watermelon.

 Exotic Lychee

true to its name this is an exotic Chinese fruit.

 Go Hard (Bull)

this is equivalent to a very recognizable energy drink.

 Goin’ Bananas

fresh sweet crisp Banana flavor.

 Gumi Bearz

the flavor of a handful of gummy treats in your mouth.

 Juicy Nectarine

a true juicy, ripe Nectarine flavor.


fresh picked and squeezed Key lime.

 Lemon Drop

sweet and slightly tangy Lemon candy flavor.

 Man this Pineapple is  Bananas

a tropical blend of Pineapple, Bananas and Mango true fruit flavors.

 Menthol Dream

a light to medium menthol with a hint of chocolate and cream to sweeten the sensation.

 Menthol High

a powerful menthol for those that love a burst of the arctic.

 Mount n’ Do

mix of natural and/or artificial flavoring to create your favorite pop flavor (and you can almost taste the fizz in your mouth.)

 Night at the movies

a slightly sweetened buttered Popcorn flavor. All the pleasure, none of the guilt.


a rich Turkish blend.

 Pineapple Express

a pop of fresh Pineapple without the mess.

 Peaches n’ Cream

true Peach flavor with a smooth blend of creamines.

 Pompeii Pink

sweet and earthy blend of flavors including vanilla and marshmallow.

 Purple People Eater

a sweet grape juice flavoring.

 Red White and Blue

a creamy blend of Raspberries, Blueberries and White

 Rich n’ Smooth

a wonderfully matched blend of Tobacco flavors.

 Strawberry Champagne

a smooth sweet strawberry flavor unlike anything else you’ve tasted.

 Thick Mints

a mixture of Chocolate and Mint to create everyones favorite scout cookie.

 Vanilla Cupcake

a Vanilla cupcake without the frosting.

 Vanilla Sky

cream Vanilla burst.

 Very Blueberry

the best blueberry on the market.

 Watermelon n’ Cream

a fresh watermelon flavor with a hint of creaminess.

 Watermelon Summer

a true fresh juicy Watermelon flavor. You can almost taste the seeds.


at least once in your life you should try this Absinth flavor, you might like it.


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